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  Last Update: 01 August, 2013

- Race Engine Technology Magazine -

"The World's Premier Engine Technology Publication"

If you are at all interested in high-performance engines, then RACE ENGINE TECHNOLOGY (RET) is a magazine you MUST know about.


The content of EACH OF THE BACK ISSUES is summarized on a dedicated back-issues page.

RET is known as "The Communications Hub of the Racing Powertrain World". RET subscribers include technical people at the highest levels of motorsport, including Formula One, NASCAR, IndyCar, 12- and 24-hour Endurance Racing, NHRA Top Fuel and Funny-Car, World Rally, Moto-GP, and many more.

RACE ENGINE TECHNOLOGY, published 8 times per year by High Power Media, provides unprecedented access to the great minds in engine design and implementation. The editors and writers are highly knowledgeable and experienced, and cover the inner details of engine technology across a huge spectrum of the most refined engines in the world, including Formula One, NASCAR Cup, Le Mans and ALMS (both gasoline and diesel engines), IRL, Dirt-Late Model, Midgets, Sprinters, Top Fuel, Funny-Cars, World Rally Cars, MotoGP, and more.

Race Engine Technology presents an ever-expanding exposure to the thinking at the leading edge of engine design, including advances in cylinder heads, fuel injection, valves, pistons, liners, conrods, crankshafts, lubrication, as well as advanced processes in heat-treatment, coatings, cryogenic treatments, isotropic superfinishing; the list just goes on.

The magazine presents details about and pictures of engine hardware from manufacturers and racers including Audi, BMW, Childress, Cosworth, Ferrari, GM Motorsports, Hasselgren, Hendrick, Judd, Katech, Porsche, Ron Shaver, Roush-Yates, Sonny Leonard, Toyota Racing Development and many more.

As an added bonus, it also contains in-depth discussions with world-class engine designers and builders including Ulrich Baretzky, Mario Theissen, Ed Pink, Mario Illien, Nick Hayes, Ron Shaver, Rob White, Alex Hitzinger, Rick Long, Simon Corbyn, and many others.


   Available 07/11/2013


Current Issue: RET - 071
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1. GRID - A collection of interesting short articles including: LeMans welcomes 1000 bhp Prototype engines again; Misconceptions about the 2014 Formula One rules; Discussion of the inline-4 "New Racing Engines" displacing the IndyCar turbo V6's, and much more.
2. INSIGHT: Ten Magnificent Years of Race Engine Technology ! - Ian Bamsey reflects on the past decade of RET and on some of the very diverse and fascinating engines and technologies the magazine has presented, with depth and detail not available anywhere else.
3. SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Formula One 2014 - Ian Bamsey visits Brixworth and Viry Chatillon to find out what can be expected from Formula One's radical new 2014 powertrain technology, and how the products of this developmental "laboratory" will find extreme relevance in future transportation.
4. RACE ENGINE DIGEST: Matt Smith Racing / Buell V2 - Anne Proffit investigates the development work done by Matt Smith Racing in order to keep the S&S / Buell V2 engine at the sharp end of the stick in NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle racing.
5. FOCUS: Titanium - Wayne Ward takes us through the various motorsport applications for this low-density, high-strength material and its alloys, covering popular alloys, strength vs. stiffness issues, titanium-based intermetallics, MMC's and coatings, and titanium as an alloying element.
6. DOSSIER: Don Schumacher Top Fuel V8 - Ian Bamsey investigates the world's most powerful race engine - the 7000+ bhp, nitromethane-fueled, supercharged 500 CI pushrod V8, developed and campaigned in Top Fuel by Don Schumacher Racing.
7. MOTORCYCLE: Moto3 - Neil Spalding reports on the prospects for Mahindra developing a competitive engine, and how the rule-makers are trying to level the playing field.
8. FOCUS: Cylinder Liners - David Cooper presents an educational look into the exacting science of design, material selection and manufacture of cylinder liners.

Race Engine Technology BACK ISSUES

CLICK HERE to see a summary of the major features in previous RET Issues.
These gems form an indispensable library of contemporary engine technology.
They are immensely valuable to engine designers, engine builders,
component suppliers, and engine enthusiasts everywhere.


Race Engine Technology SPECIAL REPORTS

In addition to the periodical Race Engine Technology magazine, the editors periodically
publish Special Reports which focus on certain areas of interest.

January 0f 2013 saw the introduction of an ALL-NEW Special report:
This new series focuses on the extremely-demanding, totally-unpredictable world of high-speed racing over unprepared, steep, loose, rutted roads


  1. NASCAR Cup Race Technology, V4, MARCH 2013.
  2. FORMULA ONE Race Technology, V7, MAY 2013.
  3. 24 HOUR Race Technology, V6, SEPTEMBER, 2012.
  4. RALLY Race Technology, V1, January, 2013.
  5. DRAG Race Technology, V3, NOVEMBER, 2012.

CLICK HERE to see details about the content in all these Special Reports.

    Here is a summary of the Special Reports which are available.

  1. A brand-new series (Volume 1, 2013 RALLY-RACE Technology) covering the brutal competition in World Rally Cars, which features unbelievably-fast racing over non-closed course surfaces, varying from paved to loose, smooth to rutted, on tree-lined roads through forests, across deserts, and every other imaginable, unpredictable driving challenge.
  2. Four volumes on NASCAR CUP Race Technology, from 2010 through 2013, covering the technology in today's CUP race car, including aerodynamics, chassis, engines, transmissions, final drive, and more;
  3. Seven volumes on Formula One Technology, from 2006 through 2013, with amazing insights into the very closed world of F1 racecar development;
  4. Six volumes on 24-Hour Race Technology, the race highlights and the technology behind Le Mans 2007 through 2012, including facinating information about the race-dominating Diesel technology developed by Audi and Peugeot;
  5. Three volumes on Drag Race Technology, from 2008 through 2012, presenting revealing analyses of the engine, powertrain and chassis technology inside top fuel, funny car, pro-stock and motorcycle racing efforts.

CLICK HERE to see details about the content in these Special Reports.

RET Articles from EPI, Inc.

Occasionally, the chief engineer at EPI, Inc has contributed technical articles to Race Engine Technology magazine. Expanded versions of those articles appear in the Piston Engine Technology section of this site. The following is a brief description of each article, and a link to it.

  1. A comparison of V8 engines used in Formula One and NASCAR Cup (RET-029). Read Article
  2. A discussion of the properties and characteristics of hydrodynamic bearings (RET-030). Read Article
  3. A discussion of the technical aspects and challenges of crankshaft design (RET-033). Read Article
  4. A discussion of the basics of turbochargers and the current turbo technology (RET-034). Read Article
  5. A discussion of advanced materials being used in racing engines (RET-034). Read Article
  6. A discussion of current technology in racing exhaust systems (RET-036). Read Article


In May of 2009, the editors of Race Engine Technology launched a FREE, online version called RET Monitor. It contains a growing array of short articles on evolving technology from a host of highly-competent and well informed authors.

These articles ARE NOT a rehash of the magazine articles. They present fresh insight into new and evolving technology, AND THEY ARE FREE !

Check it out HERE.

Discount Subscriptions

High Power Media, publishers of Race Engine Technoilogy, has generously extended their offer of a 10% discount on subsciptions to RET and any of the Special Reports which are purchased through EPI, Inc.

To avail yourself of this discount to Race Engine Technology publications, go to the High Power Media order site (CLICK HERE to get there), click on the SUBSCRIPTIONS button (upper left) and fill out the form (pictured below). When you have selected all your needed items, insert the EPI discount code (JKDISC09) {NOTE: that code ends in zero-nine} into the box as shown below and your total price will magically decline. Be sure to fill in the country of destination so that proper shipping instructions are included.

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