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Midway through 2007, we were informed that Microsoft was dropping support of the tool (FRONTPAGE and its server extensions) which we used to build and support our website. We wre further informed that our site host, and probably most others, would be eliminating support for the FRONTPAGE-based sites.

Because FRONTPAGE generates such wretched, atrocious code, we had been wanting to abandon it for some time. Being abandoned by our benevolent servants in Redmond provided the trigger for us to switch over to DREAMWEAVER. However, the tasks of designing a new look and translating the more than 125 pages on this site over to the new look and XHTML-1.0 code was a daunting one.

It was my great fortune to meet the owner of a web / software consulting firm ConsultWare. After a few discussions about our website goals, Consultware agreed to assist us in the conversion.

Suffice it to say that we could not be more satisfied with ConsultWare's work. They designed and built all the XHTML structures, definitions, style sheets and page templates which made it possible for us at EPI to do the conversion "gruntwork" with minimal impact on our work schedules. They are scrupulously honest about billing, and extremely talented in a wide variety of software and web design disciplines.

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND CONSULTWARE for any website design or upgrade.

Here are some links to other interesting sites. Some are mentioned within this site, and others may be of interest to our readers.   Audie Technology, manufacturer of leading-edge engine-component measurement systems. (Camshaft and valvetrain analysis systems and software, airflow measurement, data acquisition for airflow-benches)   SuperFlow, Inc., manufacturer of leading-edge engine-component measurement systems. (Computerized dynamometer systems, airflow benches)  This is the site for the Advanced Engine Technology Conference. It is an annual event at which various aspects of high performance engine technology are presented. The spectrum of speakers includes Detroit OEM gurus, renowned engine developers from NASCAR, IRL, F1, component technology wizards (valvetrains, bottom end parts, rings, sleeves, coatings, etc.) and a wide variety of others. Attendees range from racers to builders to PhD's.   Competition Cams, Inc., developer and manufacturer of leading edge valvetrain technology; supplier to leading racing teams in Winston Cup, BGN, IRL and others)   If it is plastic, they have it or can get it.  If it is plastic, they also have it or can get it, AND the site contains a lot of technical information about various plastic materials.   A source for 6al-4v titanium alloy in many forms, commercially-pure titanium sheets, as well as carbon fiber sheet.  This site provides a wealth of information regarding the proper and effective methods to machine titanium. The company is also a source for various titanium alloys and forms (bar, plate, tube, etc.).  Source of excellent laser-cutting services.   Source of information on galvanic interaction of various metals.   High-tech solutions to various electronic systems technology problems, including flight-qualified digital systems, as well as a very clever engine system for the Lancair 4-P.  Valuable source of information about aircraft accidents and investigations.

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