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  05 OCT 2012

- Mark-9 Installations -

Sun-n-Fun Display and 3 Aircraft

The EPI Mark-9 Gearbox was an integral part of the EngineAir-V8 powerplant The following pictures show the Mark-9 on the EngineAir-V8 powerplant, and a few of the aircraft on which it was installed and has been flying.

EA V8 w/ M9

Sun-n-Fun Display: EngineAir-V8 with EPI Mark-9 Gearbox

M9 SnF CloseUp

Closer Shot of Mark-9 on Sun-n-Fun Display

Tooth Contact

Close-up Showing Ideal Tooth-Contact Pattern

Starboard Side

Starboard Side View

Port Side

Port Side View Showing Idler Gear and Inspection Port


Top View Showing Governor Drive Gears and Ideal Tooth Contact Pattern

L4P w/M9

A Lancair-4P with the EngineAir-V8 and Mark-9 Gearbox

ANother L4P w/M9

Another Lancair-4P with the EngineAir-V8 and Mark-9 Gearbox

Duke w/M9

Beech Duke with EngineAir-V8 Engines and Mark-9 Gearboxes

Duke 2

Beech Duke during Conversion Process

Duke 3

Beech Duke Port Engine View

Duke 4

Beech Duke Port Engine Closer View

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