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 Last Update:  15 Nov 2010

- Apache Helicopter Turbine Powerplant -

Engine and Main Gearboxes

Several years ago, EPI designed a powerplant system for a kit-built helicopter in the experimantal aircraft market. The system used the 150-hp T-62 turbine engine and provided reliable drive systems, with unloading and autorotation clutches, for the main rotor system and tail rotor system.

As a result of a business decision to withdraw from experimental aviation environment, with all its liability exposure, controversy, acrimony and wishful-thinking-engineering, EPI shelved the design before the prototype was completed.

Recently, a new helicopter company contracted with EPI, Inc. to revise and adapt this system to power the new helicopter they have in development.

More info and pix to follow. Until then, see the predecessors: Mark-17 and Mark-18 gearboxes

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